Thursday, December 17, 2009


Steve is guilty. You can tell just by the way he acts. A person who is guilty for a crime like this will be miserable. He has known the whole time. Even before he got arrested he was looking sad. When the cops came to get him he didn't freak out or anything because he knew what he did and knew it was wrong. Steve hates jail just like everyone else, but if you do the crime whether you want to or not you will do the time.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

21 years 3 months

if i got out of jail in 21 years 3 months i would be 36 years old. it would be the year 2030. a lot of things im sure would change like cars, stores, and electronics. 21 years in a cage is a long time to be doing pretty much nothing. when i got out i would have nothing. maybe not even family anymore and if they moved i wouldn't know where they were. i wouldnt know who was the president. i wouldnt know anybody because evn the way things look would change. it would be like starting over an most people by 36 are settled or are settling down.

Friday, December 11, 2009



Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why I Fight

Why I Fight
By: J. Adams Oaks
This book was pretty good. This kid is traveling around with his uncle because his parents don't really care about him. The kid's name is Wyatt. His uncle drives a diesel delivering stuff. Sometimes drugs and sometimes other things. I liked the book because its slow paced but still interesting. People who like adventure and fighting would like this book. Its probbobly more for guys. It was sorta long but if you read a lot it would seem fast. This book is very easy and fast to read. This is just a normal book.

Jimi and Me

Jimi and Me
By: Jamie Adoff
The book Jimi and Me is not a very good book. A kid named Jimi's dad dies and Jimi finds out his dad had another family. Jimi's dad treated this other family better than his family. The whole time jimi is sobbing about his dad dieing. Jimi finds his step brother and confronts him. His mom is going insane and his aunt is making them all insane. There a black family and they move to a racist town. I liked the way the book was set up but i didn't like the story itself. It was pretty short because it was set up in poetic form. If you buy this book because you like Jimi Hendrix than you will be disappointed. This book has almost nothing to do with Jimi Hendrix.


By: Graham McNamee
The book Acceleration is a fairly interesting book. The main character works under a subway station. He hates his job. One day at work he finds a book full of somebodys doings. The person killed animals and burned building and kept notes about it. So far not too much has happened Duncan and his friends like to go hang out at the pool and talk about there jobs that they hate. This book is interesting and easy to understand. Almost anybody could read this and enjoy it. There is 209 pages although it seems shorter.The structure is normal. I'm on page 43 and don't want to stop reading.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ghetto life 101

Listening to Ghetto Life 101 was interesting. We live in a very small town and its very different. Some of these boys are ten years old and have drug posesion charges. There neighborhood is very close together crowded and dangerous. Just going to school is dangerous for them. The boys don't like where they live but they don't have a choice. When they went high up in a building they looked out in the distances and saw homeless people and liquor stores. A lot of kids drop out of school in middle school. Or just never go to school. A kid was dropped out of a window because he wouldn't steal candy for the older kids.